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Rob Howden

The SKUSA track staff did a great job getting the initial barrier placement done early, which gave Tom Kutscher the chance to begin fine-tuning earlier than last year.  They’ve made a couple small changes to the track, much of it aimed at safety.  The run into the hairpin Turn 4 has been lengthened by about 15′, and the exit will have Scribner barriers in front of the water barriers to eliminate that contact area.  The lead onto the backstraight has been adjusted as well to limit exit speed.  Barriers have been added in front of the water barriers leading onto the backstraight as well, with a foot or two of ‘crush area’ to protect drivers who run wide and potential impact the wall.

In addition, there are no water barriers on the inside of the tracks so the sight lines from the four grandstands will be better than ever.

The track is looking really racy, which is awesome.

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