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Jim Maier

I keep hearing about “money” and “sponsors” like Bridgestone making us use new tires.   Is there really any money in this sport?  Do events need outside sponsorship?  For what we pay at National events vs what we get, do they really need more money to rent a track for the event?

I don’t see any engine builders really profiting.  Most seem to be a guy that does it part time, or very small mom and pop operations. The small numbers of participants and engines that need working on don’t allow for it to be a big profitable venture.

There is so much unnecessary fat that could be trimmed off a race weekend and ultimately make it more competitive, more profitable, and have much bigger classes.

Bridgestone is a good example.  Why do we need them to be a sponsor? They are going to make tires regardless.  If they won’t somebody else will.  So tires will be avail.  If they are not required then many classes can save $200 a weekend right off the bat.  A sponsor should be injecting money into an event in exchange for displaying their banners and being part of the promotional package.  Not giving a kickback on tires that comes as a major expense to the participants.  I would much rather pay the $20 kickback right to the promoter in higher fees than have to buy tires I don’t need.  So what does a company like Bridgestone really bring to the table?  How are they making an event less expensive for us by being a sponsor?  Nothing against Bridgestone, just using them as an obvious example.

When I look around the sport, I see a lot of people spending money, but nobody really making money.  I think the focus needs to be on reducing the spending to get more people in it.  Standardize a few engines, and then there will be an environment where people can once again really start making money.

I am also a relative newcomer that doesn’t know a damn thing, other than it is crystal clear that this sport needs some serious organization.