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Well, I ended up getting the new seat installed today. I gave the recommended CRG location a shot so we’ll see what happens on the track. I bought some 1/2″ foam as well and added it to the left and right sides of the seat. Once added, there is no real wiggle room in the chest area when I’m wearing my suit and Ribtect 4 vest. It’s not tight or loose so I think it should be just right. Here are the pics. I tried to pull in the slack on the to illustrate the new fit. I think it just has to be better than how the old seat fit, but I guess I’ll find out if my ribs get destroyed again next time out in a week or two… hopefully next weekend.

Also, I didn’t end up using the two additional seat stays because due to the positioning and size of the new seat, they were actually too long and won’t fit properly. So I guess if I need to use two additional seat stays, I’ll have to get a couple new ones that are a little shorter so they fit right.