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TJ Koyen

“If human beings can land a rocket on a comet, why can’t we figure out how to run different engines against each other consistently?”

Because we designed the rocket to land on a comet.

The TaG engines were never designed to race against each other. It would be like us trying to land a cement truck on a comet, a job it was never designed for. They’ve been working on achieving parity across the engines for like 15 years as David mentioned. It will never happen. They powerbands are just too different for them to be equal on all tracks. Some tracks suit one engine over the other, and when you go to the next track, it could be the other way around. And it isn’t all about pace, sometimes engine X and engine Y both turn the same lap time but everyone favors engine X because it’s powerband allows it to race better in a pack.

And of course the interests and conflicts with series and tires and engines as well is all valid reason to get fed up with the class as well.

TaG needs to be a single-make class to be successful currently. If you are going to do a multi-engine class, the manufacturers need to all be handed specs and told to build to that spec. The current crop of engines will never compete fairly on every track.

We’ve been running Leopard almost exclusively for the past 7 years in series all over the country and it’s be relatively competitive at most tracks.

I’m not trying to totally pin the blame on you Kirt because I too have been in the TaG game for years and have faced the same frustrations, but I think you just need to put your eggs in one basket and say, this is what we are racing, rather than jumping from engine to engine.

Or you could avoid ALL this and just go back to Yamaha like I am next year.

How old is your kid and how big is he? USPKS has a great program going right now and I’m sure he fits well into their class structure.

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