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Kirt Burcroff

I would love to have my son try a SKUSA race but we’re not funded for that big of a trip yet. They seem to have a pretty solid class structure and direction for the future.

There are a lot of politics in the sport and I guess that’s inevitable. When I asked why we run new Bridgestone tires each day in the WKA races (and I do understand it’s “optional”), only to be told that Bridgestone pretty much mandates it in return for their sponsorship, I was pretty surprised. An obvious way to cut $220 off of most weekend racing tabs is out of the question because Bridgestone gives a few dollars for each entry. How about instead of selling 18 people two sets of tires you sell 36 people one set?

As for kart counts. Every racer wants competition. The biggest field we’ve ever had at a national race is around 18 karts, regional race-12 and local-10. There is another series that has higher counts, and from everything I hear¬† it’s run very well, but my son isn’t 30 and I’d have to put his sister in the seat with him to make weight at 405.

There are going to be a variety of chassis and different series’ will use different tires but the engine problem seems like it could be fixed with a few drivers, one test weekend and some lead.

It feels like the sport could be a little more user friendly. If it was maybe we could all stop talking about where all of the racers have gone every week.