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Keith Bridgeman

Kirt,  a few years ago this thread would have had 7 pages by now.   I do agree.     Karting now is a spec one engine sport.  Not as much because you can’t get different engines to run together but much more because each club, series or promoter wants you to run the engine that they are importing.  Its going to kill the sport.    Stock Honda,  IAME cup, Rok Cup, Rotax.   Even clubs pick the engines they want to sell.  Every engine has its little pocket of the USA.  Its just ridiculous and there is no fix now.   It’s now very hard to take your engine and go run a regional event like it was in the past.   I now run roadracing which is become the place were the wide variety of engines end up.

My son is now 8 and really I should have him in Karting.   Being a karter myself that would make sense to have him in a kart by now.  But Motocross is were he is.   I would like to get him karting but the ease of motocross and the family aspect of it has karting beat so badly its hard to imagine.   But motocross will get more and more dangerous has he gets into bigger bikes so the switch to karting is in the future.    We will see how it goes but having him run the Supernats someday would be a blast.