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Troy Berry

It would be better of course if they can get the price down a bit. Buying in mass quantities helps with that.  An X-30  or Rotax package goes for over $3000 USD.   The only system that is missing from the KA 100 is the  radiator, pump, etc.  So it doesn’t seem like  the price is that far out of line with current packages.  With a  battery and a starter  it’s going to be higher than a KPV.  But also much nicer to use for the average guy. Time will tell on the rebuild intervals. As far as builders doing their thing, that’s always going to happen. But it’s not such an issue with most of us at the club level who just want to have fun on a slightly slower 2 stroke.  Yamaha’s have been gone from the Nor-Cal scene for a while now. KPV is mostly  run in the Jr. classes around here if at all.  We run 125 & 80 Shifters,  125 Tags, Jr KPV(2 entries) and Clones.  We need something between Tag and Clone and I think this would bring out another batch of racers into the mix.



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