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Charles Skowron

Except that it’s made in Italy and thus retails for almost $3,000.

I’m assuming that in Australian Dollars, but with the current exchange rate that still comes to right around $2,600 U.S. …. for an air-cooled motor, making a little over 20hp.  And that is with a price discount

I’ll admit, it is a very nice engine package. It does fit that perfect niche that is sorely missing of being not too fast and complex like a TaG or Shifter, but still much faster than a rental kart experience. And being able to start the thing, by yourself, while sitting behind the wheel. It sounds like a 100cc version of an old Easykart, but without the nonsense of having to buy the entire package, cheap chassis and all, along with it.

But it really needs to be cheaper. PRD can build a water-cooled TaG for under $2,000, someone should be able to build a push-button air-cooled motor for under $1,500. They don’t mention anything about top-end longevity either, only that it uses the same crankpin as their KZ motor so it should in theory last longer, (the bottom-end at least).

And then the part about the racer never having to hand-pick for perfect cylinders, thanks to their close machining tolerances… yeah, all right then.

Which is another issue to consider; if this motor did take off, how would it not be ultimately sabotaged by the unlimited spending of serious racers? Like so many of the other engine packages originally meant for weekend warriors;  Rotax, TaG, Stock Moto etc.



C. Skowron #15