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I have an idea. Why don’t you make a trip to Bakersfield to compete at our year end shootout race, we will help you with the seat and weight distribution

I’ll talk to the guys and myself will let you borrow an engine package (KT100)
We’ll set up the pipe and clutch, etc. Just pay for your entry fee and fuel.

I recommend running with us old farts, as a YC Heavy pipe class, otherwise the youngsters here will eat you alive ( YOU CAN’T PAY ME ENOUGH TO RACE WITH THEM)

Last year my Son started from the end of mid pack, and after a 5 kart pile up in turn one, he tried to avoid, but brushed them with his left front tire it was all over.

Bent spindle, broken tie rod ends, bent steering column, bent axle, bent spindle. We could not repair his kart for the main event.

There were 26 karts in his class, That’s a lot for a sprint track ( AWESOME RACE THOGH)

Anyhow, think about it, and let me know. Fast Freddy.
Oh! P.S. Do you have any races under your belt? Or just practice days?