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Kirt Burcroff

David – I think you misunderstood my point. I’m looking for more places to race, but because of the combination of my son’s age and engine restrictions it is getting more difficult to find decent fields. When you restrict a class to just Leopards it excludes people. Maybe not many, but it excludes people. It seems like you have to go to Vegas to see full fields.

Family time is precisely why I love Karting. I wish we had started when my son was much younger (So does he :)).After a weekend at the track I’m counting the minutes until we get back. The wins and championships are nice but I look forward to the drive to the track more than I do the race itself. That time with my son is something I’ll cherish forever. I know I’m not the only father putting himself in the poorhouse to buy as many of those moments as I can.

I was warned early on (perhaps unjustifiably) that Rotax was a money pit, with too much variance in motor quality, and my son is a few years away from shifters. When I read that IAME wanted to eventually phase out the Leopard in favor of the improved performance of the X30 I figured the choice was obvious.

My point here is to ask if there really is no way to balance the performance of two or three engine types so you don’t need an arsenal of engines for Local, Regional and National racing. If I have to add 15lbs I will, but just let us race.