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Ambrose Buldo

There is no need to go to the extreme of building a clam-shell to make the Kart compartment weather-tight for a number of reasons.

1. Want to keep the trailer foldable

2. I have a 16′ enclosed trailer to store kart at the track

3. I have Garage to store Kart at home

4. Kart will only be exposed to elements during the tow process (Normally less than two hrs)

If I build a second level support structure for the kart, it will be simple enough to be removeable to allow trailer to fold.

Second level support, will be as you suggest at kart stand height so I can load solo.

I have the winter to think about it.  Right now pleased that I can use trailer “As-Is” if I decide to do nothing.

I’ll post a picture or trailer with kart on it shortly.  I will be upgrading to LED Lights, adding bearing buddies and maybe picking up a spare hub.