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Tony’s option is pretty good
Another one to consider, depending how big it is, or if it’s a roller, or complete with engine and all?

If it’s just a roller, and you don’t mind removing some body parts and axle, then you can box it all up and take it to Grey Hound Bus station/terminal And have it shipped for about $100 bucks!

Or you can leave it alone, and if it has an engine, just get a 6′ pallet, crate it around it, and wrap it around with clear plastic, take it to Fastenal and get it shipped for about $150 to $200 bucks, no matter how heavy it is.

I shipped 2 karts on top of each other for $200 bucks, about 3 months ago, with Fastenal.

Keep in mind the buyer has to go pick it up to the nearest station to him.
My 2 cents, Fast Freddy. ;)