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andy graham

I agree that the 162 main will suffice for us most of the time without much notice here in FL….fortunately for us we are having somewhat of a cool Fall which can give us an opportunity to test in all kinds of conditions…for example, this saturday it was about 50 degrees in the morning with about 80% humidity–cold and damp for us Floridians.  By Saturday afternoon, the front had past by and the humidity had dropped into the 50% range and the temperature was high 70s – low 80s.  And yes, we’d ultimately like to use the aim software to do just as you suggest — compare peak rpm and rate of rpm increase at different weather conditions….honestly can’t say if track conditions that change with the weather would effect engine performance, maybe someone can chime in on that.

Dont want to get too complicated or consider too many variables, so as not to confuse him and loose his interest.  My goal is to come up with something that is fun for him and allows him to learn something about two stroke engines in the process.  I may call the guys at AIM after Vegas and see if they have any good ideas.

I hear ya on the science teacher thing…this is a 10 week research project and he’s 11 years old…I didnt  have the academic disipline at 20 to complete something like this!  School sure has changed since the 70’s.