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Eric Kinn

I find your upcoming science experiment interesting as I had the recent joy of doing the same. We were also utilizing the minimax platform but subject was regarding the tire compound hardness on laptimes. Your subject matter goes deeper than ours.

I am assuming, from your design that you are going to be running at your home track with a fixed 162 jet under diferent weather conditions. What exactly are you going to be plotting with the AIM software. Peak RPMs and rate of change? I agree with your hypothesis however worry that since the jet covers a relative wide range of temperatures and Florida isn’t known for the temperature extremes how visible any performance changes will be. If there was a noticible difference, could you attribute the changes also to changing track conditions with the changes in temperature? That is what makes comparing to other parts of the country more difficult as well.

Being devils adovocate ( but I know those science teacher’s ;))