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Chris Beasley

As a service to everyone looking to race LO206, David Cox and I put together this interactive map with all the tracks in the US that offered the LO206 package in 2014. We’re LO206 enthusiasts ourselves so we thought this would help others out too. This was all taken from track websites that posted their class offerings information.

We’re working on a spreadsheet comparing all the LO206 rules variations across the country to help all the tracks and series looking at rules for 2015 (hopefully more commonality!)

Steve if you could share the tracks/series that have contacted you that would help us get it as accurate as possible. team@kartrank.com will go to David and I.

Link: http://kartrank.com/lo206-tracks

(Note: not trying to compete with the Racingwhere.com plan…just had the track info and this was the best way to get it out there)