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I ended up picking up a¬†Righetti X6 (size XL). I also just received a Ribtect 4 vest and the measurements I took for the new seat were based on me wearing my suit with vest under. I did the best I could using online sizing charts for various manufacturers in my price range since I didn’t have a way to check sizing on seats locally. The seat is a little big, but not too bad I think. I think I need to add some 1/2″ neoprene foam padding since I’m able to fit my fingers between me and the seat up to about my 2nd knuckle. The seat doesn’t stick to me like a turtle shell when I try to stand up, but I can feel it gripping a little. Any feedback on this update?

It’s been about 4 weeks since the rib pain started and it’s almost all gone now. I figure I’ve got another week or so before it’s gone completely and in the meantime I still need to mount the seat and get some padding.