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Xander Clements

I always find it funny how hard WKA tries to hype up their drivers with their press release, blowing a lot of smoke without having supporting evidence. For example, they have promised two things that could not be farther from the truth about this upcoming season in one of the first announcements that came out.

1. Less classes. This is proven wrong quite simply by looking at their class structure from this year and what they are planning on running next year. Below are the adjustments.
– Elimination of Komet Junior, going down to 2 Junior classes from 3. This is combatted by coming to 5 total classes in sportsman, bringing in the mini rok to normal cadet and moving the Comer K80 down to a rookie class, making two rookie divisions.
– Elimination of Parilla Senior and TaG Senior, 2 Senior classes, both replaced by X30 Senior and Leopard Senior.
– Elimination of the KPV engine in Piston Port Senior, moving to Yamaha Senior Can, although off their latest release it seems they have went back on their initial ruling and have decided on Yamaha Senior Pipe.
– Elimination of TaG Masters, but the addition of the WKA Stock Moto class balances that back out as well.

Overall, they’ve gone from 12 classes, to 12 classes again. Surprising that some WKA drivers haven’t caught on to that.

2. More track time. The best way to show this claim’s falsehood is by comparing the new weekend schedule and the old weekend schedule.
– Friday Practice is the same as the older version, with the same number of classes and sessions.
– Saturday had 4 sessions on the old schedule, (Warmup, Qualy, PreFinal, Final), and on the new schedule it has 4 as well, (Warmup, Qualy, Heat 1, Heat 2).
– Sunday had 4 sessions on the old schedule, (Warmup, Qualy, PreFinal, Final), and on the new schedule it has only 3, (Warmup, PreFinal, Final).

So, with WKA saying a lot of great things about their new structure, in the end they are actually charging more for minor purses and changes said to be to the same tune of other national series, such as USPKS and SKUSA, but are not even close. They don’t seem to be making any changes to the benefit of the racer, such as trying to balance the Leopard and X30 in the Parilla Junior category, or investigate deeper as to why they are losing so many racers.