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Mark Erpelding

I was afraid of the 850 degree heat also..  Go to a real autobody paint store and buy some Aircraft stripper.   Brush it on the frame let set (not in the sun) keep moving stripper around with brush.   If you use a wire brush it will remove powder coat to bare steel and re- apply stripper and it will work from edges where wire brush went to bare metal and pop powder coat off easier.   After you have it stripped the only hard part to get removed will be around the welds.   Take it to car wash apply more stripper around welds let set  for about 15-20 min and it will spray off completely.   If you know of a slow car wash you could do it all there .   The wire brush really helps.  It will not rust.  The powder coater will lightly blast it..   Make sure u tell them not to put in stripping oven!  I did this to our frame.   Striped it on Wednesday , dropped it off at powder coater on Thursday, picked picked it up on Friday, assembled it Friday night.   Went racing with it Saturday and
Won first race with new paint and plastic..   Kart looked like New.   I used a Dremel tool with a sanding drum to remove powder coat in the spindles so the adjusters would turn freely.

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