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Ambrose Buldo

I have a 16′, enclosed trailer that I keep at the track.  Unfortunatly I no longer have a tow vechcail big enough to pull it.  Since I wanted a small trailer to keep around the house for  Home depot or dump runs a purchased the Harbor Freight 4X8 foilding open trailer.  I am limited in garage space so the folding part was important to me.

I assembled the trailer this weekend.  Only thing left is to put plywood decking on.  I have a couple questions.

Making this thing foldable requires the removal of two carraige bolts on each side.  anyone come up with a tool-less alternative?

I eventualy plan to add an elevated deck to get over the fenders and wheel (Trailer is 48″ wide, Kart is 56″). Deck/platform will be high enough to throw kart stand, tool box, easy-up and folding chairs under it.  I’m guessing 2nd level (Kart level) is maybe 16″ higher then main deck. Anyone got any pictures of thier verson of using the 4×8 HF trailer for kart?

Anyone fitting the kart on the trailer with no modifications (I.E stripping it down a bit, loading in front, loading sideways, loading kart(s) on kart stand, angled)?

Any issues of transporting Rotax Kart at angle of even upright?

If you have pictures please post or send to abuldo at aol dot com.