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brian downing

I use lots of brake cleaner; I buy it by the case when it’s on sale.
Careful of paint though, don’t let it sit long on painted surfaces.
Kerosene, isopropyl alcohol, camp fuel, all have a low flash point and are good at loosening greasy build up. Get a good stiff brush (home depot paint dept) to help scrub with kerosene. NEVER USE WATER! No where, no place, nada!

Buy bags of microfibre cloths from your local costco, sams club, etc.
Wipe and clean. As you go you should be inspecting for loose parts, nuts, bolt, cracks, etc. I disassemble to a reasonable point, clean and reassemble nearly after every race weekend.

It’s a good way to catch problems early and get to know how the kart looks when everything is in its place. It makes it much easier to spot issues once you’ve come to know your vehicle centimeter by centimeter.
BTW: This can work well on the spouse too.