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Jim White

Now that I’ve been involved enough to have a pretty good understanding of how a lot of this stuff works I found something very interesting today. As I was filling out my Daytona entry I see that all checks are made payable to WKA. That leads me to believe that WKA itself is the promoter of the Daytona event.
The next (if ever) IKF road race national will have to be a joint venture with IKF. The couple clubs left just operate on too thin of a budget to take on that much expense and risk alone. NCK lost lots of $ on the last 2 nationals they hosted. PKA lost a bunch on the last one in Portland in 2013. I don’t see either club doing it again under the current system. It’s financial suicide.
And I do agree with Chris that should it happen again it’s got to be on a well known track to draw any interest. Miller was pretty well supported in year one. Year 2 was nothing more than a big club race. Thats why it hasn’t happened again.