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Troy Berry

I had a Ribtech Deep seat on my TAG and it was the only seat I could use that didn’t injure me.  It was a little loose as well, I was between sizes. So I simply added some padding. Use a closed cell, medium  dense foam padding. 1/2″ thick should work and contour the edges. Cover it with a heavy felt covering like they cover large speaker cabinets with. Just use Super 777  spray adhesive and it will stick nicely, even around the edges. I added  1/2 padding on top like the Tillets, and some hip pads as well.  Made it snug and I could push hard without pain for the 1st time in the kart.  Sorry I don’t have the kart now so I can’t show any pictures.  About $30.00 worth of materials and you may get the best fitting seat ever. I would try to stick with what you got and customize it and save some money. With a proper rib vest,  you will be golden.

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