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Kerry Matthews

“All we need is a massive cash donation and it’s on!”
How right you are, Chris!   Renting either of these tracks in the summer months is VERY cost prohibitive.  It’s why we run Sonoma when we do.  And Laguna Seca has a lottery for dates, so it’s very hard (if not impossible) to get a date, let alone multiple dates together, and that aren’t 9o dB days. And since LS holds the lotto twice a year for the dates, that would pretty much eliminate the advance advertising needed for people to adequately plan for an event like this. Multiple dates at LS require using the paddock overnight, which cost us a HUGELY ridiculous amount of cash for the overnight paddock rental fee. So I wouldn’t put much hope in having a RR National at either of those tracks during the summer months.  The NCK BOD has discussed it several times.  There’s no way to break even, let alone make any money, and the club can’t afford to do it.