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Kelly Read


1) You seen how THE MAN is as a race director (KICK A$$)!!!! Imagine what he is like behind the wheel!!!!! Now would any class really want THE MAN there????????

2) I win ENOUGH, it’s Lindsay’s turn!!!!!!! Just wish she had part of my A$$ (weight)…


I’m sure she will look out for him as she laps him!!!  LOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!  It has been 2 years since she last ran a tag but, she went 4 -4 just to let you know plus, I taught her what she knows but not everything I know!!!!!!!!!!!! Has her mom’s brains but part of my talent!!!! Were going to run the sit-up piston port classes until I sold that kart this past weekend.

We are looking forward in seeing people we haven’t seen in a few years let alone giving Lindsay the Daytona venture. It will be fun!!!