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Robby Mott

Hello Nick,  I am sorry to hear about your rib pain.  I have broken 9 of my ribs in my 32 years of karting experience and know how much it hurts.

The size XL Ribtect seat is definitely too large for you.  With that being said, if a driver does not fit into one of our sizes or is between sizes……..I feel it is best to go with the larger size and pad the hip area if necessary.  One of the unique features of the Ribtect seats is…….there is no “rolled” lip around the seat like the standard seat designs.  Because the Ribtect seat is flexible……you can squeeze the upper portion of the seat in or out to get the fit “just right”.   This can be done by bending the welded seat struts in or out when mounting the seat.   Also,  a driver can remove the edge molding around the seat and trim the seat for a “custom fit”.

My guess for you Nick…….is a size Medium Large seat.  We make our seats with Carbon fiber/fiberglass………and a cheaper version with gel coat and all fiberglass.  Both models come off the same molds.

A good rib protector is a must…….no matter what seat you are using.

The bottom line……you will need to let your ribs heal.  In the meantime…….a proper fitting seat and a good rib protector is a must.

If you have any questions about sizing……please give me a call directly……and I will be happy to help you out.


Robby Mott