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Chris Hegar

Deep thoughts by Jack Handy

IKF National event rr survival is going to need some sort of revamp if it’s going to happen. IKF has to want the name associated with a big track event. Some sort of club incentive has to be offered from IKF with the possibility of loss being taken by IKF as well not just the club.

That being said clubs taking on a one off national must present it in a way at a place that draws people vs just having a gathering because we have not done it in a year or years. The track, time, $ and advertising must be solid and presented in event form early enough that a person has time to work towards it and look forward to it. Classes must be kept to a minimal and common.

In my mind the track options are Infenion or Laguna for any national draw. I can gain you runners from the midwest and probably farther with those places but the other tracks new or old on the west coast are either unknown or to far away from real off track entertainment.

Love to go to another national especially after having a great time at KART’s national event last month but from the way I understand it were going to need changes from higher up IKF to make that happen. KART also has the best BBQ we have ever had hands down so were gonna need some of that fer sure.