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We’ve had many different karts through the years, from cadet karts, to KT100’s, to clones, shifters, etc, All manufacturers, you name it.
I love Hasse, CRG, Arrow, Birel, Top Kart, etc. ( they all are great chassis )

But I recently put my Son on an OTK Formula Alonso (Fernando Alonso ) Same as Tony Kart, and Kosmic, just different color.

And he absolutely love it! I gave him the option to go back to Top Karts with a brand new chassis, and he said he won’t go back, as it is totally different feel.
Some of the top Tony kart drivers prefer OTK products because of the finess style of driving, and does not require of too much effort and fighting at the steering, when set up and tuned properly.

I’m warning you though, keep it away from crashes and pile ups, as they are extremely soft, and bend easily, when everything else seems to endure heavy wrecks, but OTK karts weren’t designed for wrecks, they were designed to be extremely flexible and tenable, and win races.

Anyhow, the way I look at it, You can either use a screwdriver or a power tool to do the job. One kart will make you work harder than the other to get the same result.

Good luck on your decision, and welcome to the family.