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Ken Marcotte


Thank you for the reply.  The shop that has the 2 chassis I’m interested in does not routinely stock the Haase chassis but happens to have this barely used Mistral available at the moment.   They are primarily an OTK dealer but I have a good feeling they would stand by and help support the Haase if I need help or parts.  They just might take other processes to get parts if I need them or don’t have a part specific to the Vase.  I don’t have a problem buying the Haase just because the Kosmic is more popular.  I’m just wondering if either one might have an advantge over the other. Just like anything I’m sure they both have their positives and negatives.  Possibly one or the other might suit a taller driver better than the other?

I’ve decided to buy local and support my local shop for the obvious reasons.  They will be more likely to provide some track support knowing I purchased from them.  Honestly I’m glad I found them and made a trip to visit with them.  There are some nice looking new and used packages accross the country online but nothing beats buying local and having the knowledge they can provide.

With me behind the wheel I’m not sure either one would be better than the other or I would notice any difference in performance.  I guess thats what I’m looking to figure out from those who have competed with both.

Its tough for a new person getting into this hobby / sport to decipher all the information and opinions and separate the good information from the bad.

Thanks for the help!