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Nate Garrett

Thanks for the follow-up. I heard several guys say the same thing about flipping the tires. To be honest I have had a heck of a time so far removing the tires from the rims. I have just been having the supplier at the track mount new¬†tires. I need to learn the best method for taking them off because whatever I’m doing isn’t working. I have MG Yellows on Birel mag wheels. I have a bead breaker but trying to roll the tire off the rim by hand seems to be just about impossible. I’m sure it’s my technique.

Our track (google “JRP speedway tulsa”) has 1 long left sweeper and 1 left banked NASCAR-style turn on the north end. Everything else is low speed technical turns.

I had a blast. They run all of the 4 stroke guys together and there are a wide range of engine classes within the race so the scoring is weird – “stock” clone, modified clone, LO206. I’m running mid-pack lap times with the “stock” clone (1 of 2 guys out of 12) and I knocked .4 s off my PR so I was pleased. Especially since I think there are still a few things that can be done setup-wise.

I could use about 200 more laps around the track and then I think I’ll be getting there. I’m hooked.