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Your set up seems to be pretty good, those tires did what they had to do and designed for.

2 race days, and 2 practice days is a lot, they lasted pretty good I should say. Lol. I can only use a new set of tires for a pipe race, then save them and use them at my next race, which it’s a CAN race ( a bit slower ), but some guys buy tires each race.

If you’re in a budget then buy a new set for one race, then flip them over for the next race, and just use whatever is left for practice till they’re done. All tires do develop most of tire wear on the inside ( both front and rear) that’s why you have to flip them over, so that you get more rubber on the inside again.

Is this a sprint track with a lot of tight corners, and a few fast sweepers?

And the most important question:

How did the kart behave, and how did you do in the race? Any fun at all? What place did you finish?