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Nate Garrett

Hi Freddy,

The tires were used for 2 race days (about 60 laps total) and 2 practice days (prob another 60 laps total). I should probably have shown a photo of the tires after 1 race day instead of with them that old, but that’s what I had. When I get back home I can put up a new photo since I bought a new set of fronts at the race and they are 1 race old now.

I did manage to get the toe adjusted. It was set at about 1-1.5mm of toe in, so I adjusted the toe to 1.5mm toe out. After I made the adjustment to the toe, I checked the camber again and now it is reading -4mm on the right side and -2mm on the left for a total of -6mm. In the photo I provided it looks like the Snipers are on the tapered part of the spindle, but they are not. I checked again with the snipers moved further out on the spindle, the readings were the same.

I did determine that the Pills that I have are Birel part # 10.9747.00. They have 0 offset so if I want to adjust the camber I will have to purchase either the .5 degree or 1.5 degree offset pill.

Thanks for the advice so far, please feel free to make any other recommendations for a Birel RY-30 (2012) in the 4 stroke clone class.