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I’m going to bed now, but honestly I think you may not be setting the snipes correctly, there’s no way you’re getting 10mm of neg camber. I would look like a major negative camber on an Indy Car, set up for a tight course, in fact it would be hard to ignore or pretend it isn’t there, as you can see the tire leaning inward on the top.

If the front tires look straight up, and you don’t have a problem with broken or worn out spindle bearings at the steering yoke, then your problem is most likely to be too much negative Toe.


How many sessions did you use those tires?

Do you flip them? We usually flip them after 1 race day, then use them for the next can race, after that they’re pretty much done (good for a couple of hard sessions of hard practice ) and ready for the trash.

Sorry about all the questions, but I need to know.

How old is the chassis? Where the tires new, and became this way immediately after 1st, 2nd or 3rd practice session? Or after a few days of practice?