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Bruce Peck

Kelly:  for laydowns there are just two classes – Med and Heavy – One runs on Sat, the other on Sun.  Below is from the WKA site.  The P-51 has to run 15 pounds heavier than the K-71.

312.7 100cc PIPE MEDIUM & HEAVY:
DRIVER REQ: Age 16 & older, RR Class 3 license.
ENGINE(S): ENGINE(S): Yamaha KT100 (only Yamaha heads with OEM casting “Yamaha” are legal), ARC Comer P-50, ARC Comer P-51, PRD-RK-100, Parilla PV-92, Komet K-71
per Section 605, TKM BT82, PRC PP-100, DAP T-50, HPV 100, Komet Piston Valve.
EXHAUST: Any fixed WKA approved pipe.
FUEL: Spec Fuel.
MINIMUM WEIGHTS-MEDIUM: Yamaha – 360 lbs., Piston Port – 385 lbs., and Comer P51 – 400 lbs.
∆MINIMUM WEIGHTS-HEAVY: Yamaha 380 lbs., Piston Port – 405 lbs., and Comer P51 – 420 lbs.