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Rob Howden

Heat Races – Round #2

22. Ariel Castro (2nd in E30)

Junior Rok:

(A vs C)
1. Ryan Norberg (HUGE WIN)
32. Jacobo Comacho

(C vs D)
10. Luis Jose Forteza III
16. Olivier Bellanger

Super Rok:

(A vs C)
23. Dustin Stross
28. Jordan Redlin
30. Don McGregor
32. Chris Eagles

(B vs D)
22. Christian Potolicchio
35. Remo Ruscitti

Mini Rok:

(A vs C)
18. Ricardo Villasmill

(E vs G)
9. Antonio Serravalle
14. Mathias Ramirez
24. Gianluca Petecof – DNF

(B vs D)
3. Jagger Jones
13. Dylan Tavella
23. Jace Jones

(F vs H)
4. Lachan DeFrancesco
13. Colin Queen
21. David Morales

Rok Shifter

16. AJ Myers
21. Augie Lerch
25. Gonzalo Aponte (E30)
27. Tom Hankinson (E30)
29. Daniel Miglorancia (E30)
32. Valdir Belizario (E30) – DNF

The Rok Shifter category started the second heat based on the results of the first heat race. Aponte and Miglorancia started inside the top-20, but fell down the order. Myers, who did not complete a lap in ‘Manche 1’, advanced 10 spots on the opening circuit to be 20th. He ended up gaining four more spots in the remaining nine circuits to set up a run toward the front in Heat #3 Saturday. Lerch gained five spots to finish just outside the top-20.

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