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Kelly Read


I don’t know what has happened with people not on here like it used to be. I do know a few that said they couldn’t get on EKN for some reason. I explained to them not put spaces between there username and passwords and they should be able to get on.

Since very few are here to speak for whatever reason and I am sure they will be at Daytona, looks like a Yamaha class is what I see is the best bet.  That’s fine with us as we are just coming to give Lindsay the DAYTONA experience. We have no Yamahas so that class is out for us. But I did just think of something (no comments), we might have someone we could borrow there kart and Yamahas for Daytona. Once we find out after seeing the updated rule book which I am waiting to get with her membership and what the schedule will be at Daytona, then we will decide what to run. As of now, depending on how many piston port classes are available that are where we don’t have to add a TON of lead to her kart (running K71 and possibly the Comer P51 if weight not to high) is her main class, Tag classes possibly and Control spec could possibly be a option IF, brother would loan her his stuff??????? Hell, I might be bringing the big trailer the way things are going!!!!!!LOL