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David Cole


Shifter Rok

13. AJ Myers – 43.244 +0.219
23. Augie Lerch – 43.571 +0.546
26. Valdir Belizario (E30) – 43.771 +0.746
29. Gonzalo Aponte (E30) – 44.070 +1.045
31. Tom Hankinson (E30) – 44.429 +1.404
33. Daniel Miglorancia (E30) – 45.129 +2.104

Myers and Lerch took two laps to warm-up before laying down their fast times. Toward the end of the season, it seemed they were trying to find space on the track and were unable to, as they had sporadic lap times in the final two minutes. Myers was in the top-10, but fell to 13th in the final laps. Brazilian Belizario was best of the E30 crew, fourth overall of the elder drivers.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor