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Charles Skowron

I saw this track listed on an article titled “Top 10 Go-Kart Tracks in the World”, or something like that (which, incidentally, listed many concession kart tracks, and did NOT include circuits like New Castle, so I rendered the article as clueless and devoid of any credit).

Despite its complexity at first glance, this seems like one of the most boring kart circuits you can race on. If you look very closely, it often has the same pattern of turns repeated endlessly with minor variation: Right Hairpin-Left Hairpin- 90 Degree Turn… Left Hairpin-Right Hairpin-90 Degree Turn…90 Degree-90 Degree-Right Hairpin. And since the track layout frequently overlaps on itself, I can imagine getting lost very quickly on just where you actually are.

Maybe it’d make a good testing/shakedown circuit . But I don’t think I could finish a lap here without dropping out from apathy


C. Skowron #15