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Brian Mead

Lawrence – Welcome to the sport, I hope you have alot of fun. Did you get the tools to remove/adjust your clutches? There are specific wrenches made for both, I don’t know if 0ne will work for both. You’ll need them to change the clutches.  If your using atf set the clutch so the filler holes are at 10 and 4 o,clock, fill it from the top till it leaks out the bottom hole, and seal it up. I’d check it after every heat after its cool off and top off if needed. If you have the tools I’d put the horstman on, sounds like you have a dxl, things will last forever.  With that pipe you want to slip it to 10.2k, and if tuned properly, you’ll know it.  They crack when you open them up, and coupled with the slipper clutch and right gear, do a good job of planting you back in the seat.  You may want to put some teflon tape on the needles for you carb, that will help seal it up.  Those carbs always pumped too much at the top, and not enough at the bottom, the high speed can be closed down quite a bit, and the bottom opened quite a bit. if your bogging off a turn, your lean, open it up.  If you 4 cycle down the chute, lean out the high speed.  Check the plug or head to see if your too rich or lean.  You want a nice coffee color tending to grey.  Grey is too lean, black too rich.  Have fun, Yamadogs dialed in are a blast!