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Tim Koyen

Sometimes being so “over the top” on the front setup, like you have now, can cause the kart to push.   I’d agree with TJ though, the kart probably isn’t pushing, or it could be pushing initially, then snapping loose and causing the driver to counter steer, which is the only logical way the inside front tire can lift.

Your front end setup is what I would call Max Front Grip.  Obviously the balance between the front and the rear of the kart isn’t there right now.  Go back to more of a baseline setup in the front and re-evaluate the setup.  Maybe a seat position change is necessary.  Is the inside rear tire lifting quickly or dropping quickly?…or even lifting at all?  How much wheel input is necessary to induce lift?

You kinda need to evaluate these things in terms of sequence.  Whats happening and when?

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