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Robert Lawson

Once again we were last to leave yesterday and didn’t get home until after 9pm.

I have an early run uploading to You Tube now and should be up in just a bit.

The “Bungalow” in the scoring room of the Tower was just fabulous! Toasty warm up there and made changing into driving gear super comfy too! Thanks to the Management at Grattan for hooking us up with that!!!!!

Got started a little late because of some moisture in a few corners. Curt ran the blower and I was out there with a broom trying to help the breeze dry things out. Especially on that dreaded sealer.

We did a rolling start play race at the end of the day that got me hustling the kart pretty good. I was trying to stay with and eventually run down Tommy Barth in his TM CIK shifter which produced some super laps times for the weather and conditions. We ran 8-10 laps or so then pulled off. Unfortunately my inexperience with the Go Pro (I prefer the VIO cam) had me select the wrong filming format and the race video started and stopped before I ever got into the kart. Think I held the record button down too long and it shot a short???

I must thank all the guys that participated, and a spectator or 2!!! We were a few guys short of the number we wanted and they came through and helped me soften the loss. Thanks to all of you!!!

The Management went over and above with Lunch. I supplied the Dogs and Chips. THEY cooked it for us so it would be ready at the break, provided an entire spread to go with it, all in a heated garage + set up tables and chairs for us all to relax and eat together! I appreciate them renting us their “backyard” for the day and being good hosts to boot!!!!!

The video will be up soon.