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Ted Hamilton

Ambrose —

Technically, it’s still foldable (the tongue is the only truly “foldable” part… I assume they intend for it to be set on its’ rear and the tongue folded back under….that would be possible with mine, but it’s now heavy enough that it would require 2 guys to do so.  I will say that the extra structure stiffened the kit quite a bit — it’s really a light-to-medium duty trailer….that said, I’ve hauled 2 buckets of sand on mine (around 1500#) with no issue for a short haul.  I did use good trailer grease and check the bearings and lugs often.  Since my wheels fit neatly under the decking, I didn’t install the fenders.  I will say that the lighting harness isn’t 100% compatible with all others, but I modified it so it works…  YMMV.

2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100