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Jim Silverheels

Fast Freddy, any auto parts stores have them. I had very very bad luck with the Harbor Freight ones. Go to a NAPA, Auto Zone, or Advance store and get one. They are all China made I believe and use a simple bourdon tube mechanism. If you run the engine and pull the exhaust off and see discolorization the the skirt ya got blowby with poor ring seal. Take the cylinder off and do the light test to verify it’s an out of round cylinder. Head gasket seals properly? If you had an air comp you may use a leak down tester to check ring seal also. Spend time reading on the net and go to You Tube for great videos. In the future you will laugh how easy it is to check this stuff.  Grab the bull by the horn and learn to do this stuff and not send everything out for others to do. Just my take on it….chi wa wa