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That seat is not for you, I can see that you float in it, and the top is too tall for your thorso. You need the next size down.

Not to mention the top side wings are designed to hug you

And usually to get in and out of those seats you kind of have to go in sideways, and wedge your way inside.

I noticed your arms are up, lifted up.

What happens when arms are down and you get busy, negotiating corners? Yes you’re probably resting on top of the seat edges, while brutally bouncing around.

Get a new seat, it will be the next size down, it will be more fit, and will be a little shorter too.

That one is for taller drivers, like close to 6′ and a little over 6′

Get a new rib vest, or rib band/wrap at least, install some padding, and enjoy. Fast Freddy