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Robert Lawson

Well it’s certainly not going to be a scorcher on Saturday but I’m confident we’ll get this thing in.

Latest forecast is AM clouds/PM Sun, Precip @ 20%, Chance of a morning shower and a high of 48.

The last time we did an October test it was so cold at 6:30 am that when I came out of the trailer and that air hit me I almost wet my pants! Crystal clear and 36 that morning, it took until 10 am before I bothered to take any runs but it went well that day. It was forecast to be 45 and with the sun it got into the mid 50’s.

I love Grattan, it truly is a living organism! History has proven that the local forecast means very little on those grounds. It will be slick, the natural spring may be pumping water up through the track at T10, and with the wind the jump will be a test of balls. Should make for some great video!!!!

Looking forward to the JW handicap race at the end of the day too.

Rich and I will be there by 7PM Friday and the gate will be open until 11pm or so. Not chancing it in the trailer this time, the 2nd floor of the tower is heated and will make a sweet bungalow for comfy sleeping. Plenty of space up there if anyone wants to crash.

Safe trip fellas, see ya’ll Saturday!