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Nick Driver

I didn’t know about the IMAF seats until reading your post. I was also thinking along similar lines about maybe getting a more ‘entry level’ seat until it makes more sense for me to upgrade… especially since right now it seems I’m still buying other equipment here and there that I didn’t realize I’d end up needing right away. I was also wondering about the Tillett seats.

I watched a video about seat installation, but it makes me nervous getting weight distribution right and mounting things in the right position for posture. I’m also second-guessing using the existing dimensions for the existing seat on the kart since the previous owner was a larger guy than me. I could imagine that seat was set up specifically for his particular needs. I think it would be interesting to get a seat properly mounted by somebody who knows what they’re doing, but I don’t know of any kart shops in the local area (93003)… and even if there is a shop or shops, I don’t have any experience knowing who’s reputable.

I guess if I got a relatively inexpensive seat I could use it as an ‘experiment’ to get mounting right… what’s a few extra holes??? Although since I’m so new, taking some of the variables out of handling would sure be nice and that includes a properly mounted seat for me.