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Ok everybody. I took some pictures after work today to give a better idea what I’m working with. First off, I was wrong about the size of the seat. It’s not a size large, but XL!! I immediately started to get extra concerned. I’m guessing the “wings” on the side of the seat are supposed to contour/hug the side of the body a big more. Since I’m a thin guy, this is not really happening. You can also see that I’ve got quite a bit of gap around the side/front rib area and down to the waist.

Looking at the pictures I also wonder why the seat is angled a bit to the right. Is this common? Personal preference? Could this also be contributing to my problem? There is wear on the top right of the seat. It was there when I bought the kart. Not sure why that specific spot is showing wear.

I’ve got a suspicion I need to be considering a new, smaller, seat. Is there a market for used seats? Is it possible that somebody might be interested in a seat like mine in the condition it’s in (several pics below)? New Ribtect seats are pricey so I’m a little concerned about the next chunk of change I’m going to have to lay out here. Granted my health and safety are extremely important, but if I can save a few bucks somehow without sacrificing safety, I’m all for it.