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Nick Driver

Thanks for the feedback so far.

I come in at around a whopping 145 lbs not including any gear. The pain is noticeable outside the kart. I tend to notice it when I raise my right arm just right, if I roll over in bed, use my right arm to close the car door, carry something heavy with my left hand, etc. I’ve never really dealt with rib pain before so I don’t have a basis for comparison. I’m pretty sure nothing is cracked or broken – just bruised (although I do not see any signs of bruising). I also started to notice additional soreness in both upper thighs towards the outside, which is where they would contact the seat. Finally, I have a good size bruise under my left arm close to the armpit. I noticed that this is the area of my arm that hits the top of the Ribtect seat. I’m not sure if that’s normal for these seats or if that’s also a potential indicator of incorrect seat size.

I need to sit in the seat again to get another feel for how much wiggle room I have. I am fairly certain my hips are not snug. I have a feeling that even with a rib vest, this will not help me much with lower body snugness in the seat. I’ve seen some aftermarket padding for seats. Should this be avoided or could that still work in something like a Ribtect seat? I assume that ideally you would have a seat that doesn’t require additional padding to compensate for a gap.


Generally from what I’ve been reading in the forums, it sounds like even if my ribs are only bruised, I’d better stay out of the kart for a few weeks or risk prolonging the healing process and/or creating an even larger rib problem. Does that sound about right? That’s kind of a bummer since I was hoping to start getting seat time 3-4 times a month.