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brian downing

Could you please submit a link to one of those ads? I think real-time telemetry would be outstanding!

It’s not required, but not having it simply slows down the process of waiting til the end of a race, downloading data, examining the data and trying to make adjustments (possibly) based on the data.

Presently the USB data key is a major hassle. I have to other work to do like check chain, adjust chassis, change axles, etc. No time to play with PC.

All I really want is the wireless, real-time to the PC so I don’t have to connect the kart to the PC. Then, I can look at the data during the race and plan any adjustments I foresee, pending confirmation with driver.

This is the future of all motor sports, right down to karting.

If you want to blame anything for the rising costs of karting, blame Rotax and TaG.
As well as all the class incompatibilities. If you want to run in more than one series, there’s a very good chance you need more than one motor.