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Noah Stark


IM is all TM.

Swede I highly doubt would have anything I need new sitting on the shelf.  They have been clearing off the shelves for sometime and its been “sometime” since these motors have been around.

Fastech has nothing listed for them on their site, and knowing John, he wont have anything floating around on the shelves either.

I’m not new to karting or trying to find stuff like this.  Its just aggravating when the old importer has nothing, the new importer hasn’t a clue what you’re talking about when you call them, nobody has any part numbers or anything of the sorts listed online.  No other American dealers listed on the factory’s site.  Nothing else found with hours of online searches and numerous phone calls to other businesses.

I guess maybe I’m trying to find someone that used to run these motors that has some parts laying around.  Like I used to be big into the Yamaha YZ’s.  Just because there isn’t many around anymore doesn’t mean I don’t have anything laying around still…


Thanks for the help though.