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Brian Degulis

No I’m not sure as I said I drove an Atom and couldn’t make the times I make in my car but the Atom was new to me and I have no idea how well it was set up. It had the power but didn’t handle as well snap over steer is a common problem with them. I went with a Stalker because it’s built right here in FL Costs less than an atom and uses common components that I can get at the local auto parts store.

With an LS3 @ 480 HP in a 1700 lbs car it’s got power 0 to 60  in around 2.9 seconds. Very low profile open car with good suspension it sticks better than most mass produced cars and it doesn’t cost a fortune to keep it running. I TM KZ10B with factory prep is $7300. An LS3 crate engine is $7200.  The 480HP v8 costs less than the kart engine makes you wonder?